What is happening?

Hildur Margrétardóttir opens her exhibition What is happening? in Japis (a very very popular recordstore) at Laugavegur 13, Reykjavik on the 7th of April. The exhibition is to get some dialogue going about the degrating state of the female image in the music industry. Why is it that the majority of female vocalists look like they are posing for pornmagazines? The pouting mouth, the provocative poses, the strange urge to always be photographed in their underwear. Are they not able to make a statement with their music? Are they trying to brake some kind of artistic boundaries with "which one dares to undress the most"? To make a comparison between reality and the fabulated world of musical fashion Hildur has dressed up an ordinary icelandic female and put her in the sometimes surrealistic surroundings of some chosen female vocalists. What happens? How does one feel during the photosessions? Is the posing made of free choice or made to fit to a pre-designed image made by the recording company?